Need to renew your TNCC card? Register for our Trauma Nursing Core Course 1-Day Renewal Courses on May 22 or June 14!

Audience /Overview

ENA is pleased to bring back our popular TNCC 1-Day Renewal course for nurses with a current TNCC verification. Designed for independent learning, ENA’s Trauma Nursing Core Course 1-Day Renewal is built around robust self-guided study materials that help you prepare for successful completion of the renewal.

Self-study Materials Provided

In advance of your scheduled in-person course, you’ll receive:

  • Supplemental study guide to help reinforce learning
  • Features and Updates in the Seventh Edition, including Skill
    Stations overview
  • 24-chapter comprehensive manual
  • Five interactive online learning modules
  • Online video demonstrating Trauma Nursing Process
  • Practice written exam

1-day In-person Course Includes:

  • Hands-on review with expert instructors
  • Skill station testing
  • Written TNCC exam
  • 4-year verification upon successful completion
  • Contact hours available

Features in the TNCC Seventh Edition 

  • Hands-on skills training in: Removing infant from car seat;
    Tourniquets; Pelvic binding
  • Emerging technology of adult intraosseous devices
  • New chapters on special populations, including bariatric,
    interpersonal violence victims
  • Increased emphasis on identifying and controlling external
    and internal hemorrhage
  • Many additional topics

Evaluation, Verification, and Contact Hours

  • Successful completion of the renewal course requires 80% or greater on the multiple choice exam and 70% or greater on the skill station evaluation.
  • All attendees will be awarded a contact hour certificate.


  • If a student fails the multiple choice the first time, they may retest once with an alternative exam version
  • If a student fails the skills station the first time, they may retest once with an alternative scenario
  • if a student does not pass either retests, they must register to take another course or challenge a subsequent course in order to pursue verification status