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The Nurses’ Corner

Let’s face it; being a care taker is hard. For most, nursing isn’t just a job, it’s a description of who you are. You care in a way that doesn’t shut off just because you leave the doctor’s office, or the hospital.

While caring and compassion are qualities that make you good at your job, it has its drawbacks. ICU burnout, compassion fatigue and other symptoms of job-related stress are real issues – especially when the medical professional spends all their time caring for patients and not enough time caring for self.

-But taking the time to take care of yourself means being a better caregiver in return. Talk about the things that bother you: to your peers, your friends, family – even a stranger off the street.

The Nurses’ Corner is a step in that direction, to give nurses, EMTs and medical professionals a place to share the moments that lift them up, and to be lifted up when caretaking is hard.

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