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Project Heartbeat is The Bay Area’s Premier CPR & ECC Training Center

Founded in 1996, Project Heartbeat has educated thousands of individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland and Greater East Bay, San Jose and Southern California with great success and affordability.  Our mission is to “Save Lives Through Education”.

Our talented staff is made up of expert Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists in Emergency Medicine and other allied healthcare professionals with over 30 years in healthcare education.


I have been getting my licenses from project heartbeat since I got my RN license in 2007. Very laid back atmosphere. Seriously no stress! They are awesome!

Tianna H.,

I took ACLS here, loved loved the instructors, Christine and Josh, both are amazing. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. They make this course fun and you actually learn as well. To be honest I dreaded doing this over my weekend, but these guys make it super easy. I learned more about EKG in this class than I did over 2 years in Nursing school. So glad to have found this place-completely different experience from where I did my BLS.  And they have a new grad special-you won’t find a better place than this. Looking forward to going back and doing PALS.

Anne C.,

I took the Basic ECG and Pharmacology course and I thought it was fantastic. The instructor Dave managed to keep things simple, but also gave us plenty of important knowledge to help us in our careers. I took this class with two other nursing students and we all found it helpful. Highly recommend this facility to anyone in the health care field.

Reis J.,

All I have to say is, ” 10 Stars, for Kuya Allen and Mike Felix”.  Kuya Allen is supper Friendly on the phone and in person, our instructor Mike Felix, was so fun!
He made the class exciting, adventurous and most of all, he made us all feel comfortable.    I’m usually a shy person, and so is my sister Nikka, but for some odd reason, we actually felt confident and not afraid to be in his class.  And his not one of those slow, boring  instructor,  that you just want to sleep in class.
Mike, was excited to teach and if your Late, he will Target you for questions.  Which why, it’s so Fun!   Thank you again, and We cant wait to be in your class in 2018. Hehehe…  Thank You! 🙂

Kristineil T.,

Just finished taking ACLS through Project Heartbeat in Oakland. Staff phenomenal – Josh and Christina were very informative with many interesting stories and examples to illustrate various situations related to course. The EKG class  was presented the clearest interpretation of any other resource I have ever used. I would highly recommend this company.  A+ in every way.

Mindy W.,

Great ACLS recert class with Josh and Allen. I always dread having to recertify — it’s the same dry material EVERY TWO YEARS. But I was surprised yesterday by the really fun, informative, and highly engaging class these guys taught. This is definitely a good place to get your certs.

Kristin D.,