Welcome SEIU Members.  Project Heartbeat is proud to collaborate with the SEIU UHW Joint Employer Education Fund to offer a multitude of certification courses and career programs. Click the icons below for full details of each course/program offered.  Furthermore, all courses and textbooks are provided free of cost for eligible SEIU ED FUND Union Members.  Please note that SEIU will not cover the cost for shipping.  **Please do not add textbook during registration to bypass the payment page.**Books can be picked up at our office or shipped at the student’s expense.  The SEIU-UHW Education Fund is a benefit that is made possible by your attendance in the course you registered for. 2 cancellations or 2 no-shows will result in a notification the Education Fund and possible revocation of this benefit.

To register, you will need your (unique Identifying number) and enter promo code, “SEIU100”, upon registration.  Validation of SEIU Union membership will be confirmed upon registration.  Upon completion of registration, you will receive an email with course confirmation, location, date, time, and detailed instructions for course preparation, i.e. pre test.

Your certification card and CE credits will be issued to you immediately upon successful completion of your course.  If you have any questions, concerns, or need to reschedule, please contact our office at (510) 452-1100, ext 0.  Project Heartbeat and the SEIU Joint Education Fund  thank you for your interest in the educational opportunities offered.  We welcome your suggestions to assist you in your career goals.

To register please choose a class below or if you need to Cancel, Withdraw or Reschedule a class please click below: