For health care professionals, the desire to better one’s practice is a constant thought in the back of one’s mind. Every nurse knows they have more to learn. Not only is it nearly impossible to remember every fact, but also medical knowledge is constantly changing and growing, requiring the nurse to continue growing at the same rate.

Some nurses may choose to complete the bare minimum of initial education and continuing education hours. However, if you want to take your practice to the next level-if you realize that every second counts when it comes to a patient’s health-consider taking the TNCC certification course from Project Heartbeat.

What Is TNCC Certification?

TNCC stands for Trauma Nursing Core Course, which is put out by the Emergency Nurses Association. This intense course is typically not designated for new graduates. It’s designed for nurses who have worked for several years in the emergency room, critical care unit or similar care unit and who want to build on their knowledge. The knowledge and skills gleaned from the class can be put to use in any trauma setting, from a large metropolitan hospital to a rural hospital far away from any major health care center.

What Is the TNCC Certification Class Like?

The TNCC class generally takes 16 hours spread over two days, making it two full days of lectures along with hands-on skills stations to break up your learning. For the first day and a half, you will learn about many types of trauma, as well as best care practices for these patients, including the following:

-Facial trauma
-Thoracic trauma
-Abdominal trauma
-Musculoskeletal trauma
-Trauma to seniors
-Trauma to pregnant patients
-Trauma to children
-Triage skills
-Psychological resources for trauma patients

The last half of the second day will be dedicated to testing. You will need to pass both a written evaluation as well as a hands-on evaluation during which you will test separately from your classmates in front of an instructor. However, the numerous hands-on skills stations throughout the teaching time will help you pass this evaluation. To pass the written examination, you must score at least an 80 percent.

How Can TNCC Certification Help You?

TNCC certification is an obvious choice if you are looking to advance in your career. It can help you become a manager in a critical care unit or an emergency room. It is also a smart choice if you are a house supervisor in a rural setting. Plus, this certification will help you provide superior care to seriously injured patients and will give you more confidence in your personal practice.

Project Heartbeat provides in-person TNCC certification classes with two days of intensive learning and a certification card that lasts for four years. Before taking the course, you will need to complete the Pre-Course Online Module, which will help you pass your tests following the course.

If you are an experienced trauma nurse, the TNCC course can help you improve your knowledge base, provide even better care to your patients, become a leader on your unit and possibly even move into managerial positions. This training is invaluable in helping you save lives, work quickly and provide outstanding care to even the most critically ill patients.