No matter where they work, all nurses end up spending much of each day on their feet. Whether they are standing in the operating room, running up and down hallways or speeding around the emergency room, nurses’ feet end up taking quite a beating. To cut down on foot strain, aches and pains that can spread up the legs and even blisters, it is important to choose high-quality shoes that provide excellent support, have high-grip soles and include backs to prevent slipping during the busiest days. Here is a quick look at the six best shoes for nurses.

Dansko Professional Mules

Dansko is one of the most coveted shoe brands by nurses because it is known for creating long-lasting, supportive shoes that reduce back pain and improve spinal alignment. Coming in a variety of colors and designs made from genuine leather, these shoes also feature comfortable heels, reinforced toes with plenty of space and memory foam inner linings. The unique rounded rocker bottom is designed to eliminate foot fatigue during particularly busy days.

Crocs Clogs

Nurses who prefer lighter-weight shoes that ring in far more cheaply should consider classic clogs by Crocs. While they may not be known for being the most stylish shoes around, Crocs are incredibly comfortable even during long shifts and feature excellent arch supports. Opt for enclosed Crocs without the holes for air circulation to keep feet clean and protected from splashes, spills and needles.

Dickies Clogs

Dickies offers traditional nursing clogs that are somewhere between the prices and weights of Crocs and Dansko mules. Similar to Crocs, Dickies clogs come with adjustable back straps that can swivel to the front of the shoes. The soles are quite supportive and slip-resistant.

Alegria Slip-Ons

Alegria offers several slip-on shoe styles, including the popular Paloma design. These shoes also feature leather uppers and rocker bottoms similar to Dansko. However, the tops are more open to allow for improved air circulation. Plus, these colorful and highly patterned shoes include removable insoles, making them perfect for nurses who wish to use their own orthotic inserts.

ASICS Running Shoes

If more traditional-looking nursing clogs and mules are not for you, ASICS has a wide range of options that appear athletic while also being supportive. Their running shoes are popular not only among long-time runners but also among nurses who crave breathable, supportive shoes that are totally enclosed. The curved soles of running shoes help nurses move quickly without tripping, and the gel inserts keep the ankles from rolling.

Skechers Flex Appeal Sneakers

The Skechers Flex Appeal line is specifically created for nurses. They provide all-day comfort with air-cooled memory foam and highly flexible soles. While they look just like most athletic shoes, they remain quite lightweight yet retain the highly non-slip soles for which sneakers are known.

Each of these brands create numerous high-quality, supportive shoes that are excellent for nurses. If a specific one mentioned here is out of your price range or does not quite fit your style, check around for similar shoes by the same brand. Other good brands for nurses to consider include Cherokee, Sanita, New Balance, Timberland and Nurse Mates. With a range of styles, prices and colors, you are sure to find the perfect shoes for your busy work days in the hospital or clinic.