Advanced cardiac life support certification or ACLS is a great training class for many types of health care providers, especially for those who are frequently called upon to provide direct life-saving care to their patients. Even if your nursing unit or health care organization does not require you to carry this certification, you may be surprised to find that taking this two-day course and passing the examination can still provide you with a wide array of career-improving benefits.

ACLS Certification Lets You Easily Transfer to a New Department

Moving from a floor nursing position to a position in the emergency room or in a critical care unit can be far simpler if you already hold ACLS certification. You will already have the knowledge you need to care for these patients that are more frequently found in life-threatening situations, such as cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest or acute coronary syndrome.

ACLS Certification Makes You into a Stronger Candidate for a New Job

Not only will you know that you have the knowledge that you need to land a new position within your health care organization, but also you will more easily be able to impress the hiring managers with your obvious knowledge base as proven by your advanced certification. This certification makes a strong point when it is included as part of your resume or work portfolio, and it will help you stand out from other job candidates who may not have advanced certifications. This is a great certification to seek whether you have been a nurse for over a decade or you are a new nurse currently searching for your first job.

ACLS Certification Helps you Move Beyond the Bedside

While an ACLS certification is obviously a boon for nurses working hands-on in bedside nursing positions, it is also a smart certification to obtain if you plan on moving away from bedside nursing and into managerial roles. You will certainly need this if you want to work as a nurse manager on a critical care floor, but you may also need it if you want to get into health care education.

ACLS Certification Helps You Continue to Learn

In the world of health care, you never want to stop learning because health knowledge is constantly evolving. This certification will give you the most up-to-date information from the American Heart Association about life-saving skills and will give you a more dynamic practice overall.

ACLS Certification Makes You a More Skilled Provider

Of course, your certification will also make you a stronger and smarter provider for each of your patients as well as for your coworkers’ patients. You will be able to respond quickly and with increased confidence during codes and will be seen as a leader within your organization.

If you are looking for a way to take your health care career to the next level, getting your ACLS certification from Project Heartbeat may be just what you need. This two-day class will give you a great way to learn more about the most life-threatening health crises your patients could face while also helping you connect with coworkers and other health care workers. Your certification will last for two years, and recertification is a much shorter and simpler process, making this an incredibly wise use of your time and money.