For many, their first foray into the medical field is by way of a paramedic or an EMT position. The EMT occupies the entry-level emergency health care position, which requires far fewer hours of training than a paramedic must receive. However, this training can give individuals basic life-saving skills and can help them know if they would like to delve further into the world of health care.

What Are the Benefits of Working as an EMT?

Although you probably know that working as an EMT is not going to give you the highest monetary reward compared to other careers in the health care field, you should also know that this may feel more rewarding to you than other careers do. After all, you will be helping individuals right where they are when they have their biggest needs. From community disasters to emergency calls at private homes, you will be called into all types of situations and will need to think on your feet to solve a myriad of problems quickly. Of course, another benefit to this job is that it will put you on the path toward any other medical career that may interest you.

How Can You Become an EMT?

An EMT is in an entry-level emergency medical care position, and you will not have to undergo a great deal of training before beginning. Most training programs take less than one year to complete, and you may even be able to hold down a part-time job while completing your classes and hands-on clinical training sessions. Other accelerated programs for EMT-B providers may take only a few weeks. Every state requires EMTs to be licensed in the state before providing care.

What Will Your EMT Career Be Like?

A career as an EMT can be stressful and fast-paced as you will be placed in all types of situations and will not know what to expect until you arrive on the scene. You will need to be able to think and make decisions on your feet. In addition, you will care for patients of all ages and socioeconomic levels, providing emergency care and transporting them to medical facilities for further treatment.

Is a Job as an EMT a Paid Position?

Many EMTs work as paid full-time health care providers for private ambulance companies or fire departments. Although annual pay is not high, this career does pave the way nicely to a more career as a paramedic or even as a nurse or doctor. However, you can also choose an unpaid position as an EMT volunteer if you are simply looking for a good way to give back to your community on the side of your current job.

With some basic EMT training from Project Heartbeat, you can begin enjoying a rewarding career as an EMT yourself. Whether you choose to volunteer as a local first responder, work as an EMT as a part-time job or use this position as a jumping-off point for future medical training, our EMT-B training helps you begin your job quickly with only five weeks of classes required. We encourage you to learn more about our classroom and clinical training today and to register for one of our classes in Sacramento or the Oakland area.