A quick trip to a store that sells scrubs will show you that these garments are not as easy to purchase as you might think. Although they look a bit like pajamas on the outside, they must fulfill a far higher purpose than your lounge-wear does, and they must also be comfortable in every circumstance. You must consider the length, comfort, color, number of pockets and other features of your scrubs before determining that they are right for you. Instead of combing through your local store or an online shopping site on your next day off, save your time and sanity with this helpful list of the top scrub brands most loved by nurses across the United States.


One of the most well-known scrub brands, Dickies has appealed to nurses for years. They are incredibly comfortable with soft fabric and no itchy tags. With men’s, women’s and unisex options and plenty of styles to choose from, you are sure to find something to match your unique look. Another bonus with Dickies is the wide range of popular colors.


Probably the next most recognizable name when it comes to scrubs is Cherokee, which has been selling scrubs since 1972. While the fabric is not usually as soft and comfortable as Dickies, the price cannot be beat, and the construction of each piece is still incredibly durable. If you have an eye to style, you should definitely try the luxury collection, known as Statement, or the Infinity collection.


Landau might not be the leader in fashion, but it does have 45 years of experience in satisfying busy nurses. The most commonly known lines are ScrubZone and WorkFlow. However, if you are looking for something a little more comfortable, try the new pants with knit waistbands, which come in seven colors as well as in size tall for women.


Koi scrubs have been on the forefront of style and design in the medical world and have quickly made a name for themselves. While the designs are not very traditional, they are perfect for medical staff who want to stand out at work. Koi also offers the new Betsey Johnson collection with vibrant prints.

Grey’s Anatomy

If you have a love for the television show by the same name, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs will help you feel as if you are a part of that fast-paced world. Although this brand is not known for being the most affordable option out there, scrubs are quite stylish and more slimming than most other brands are.


Wonderwink bills itself as the best brand for Millennials, and it proves this with its cutting-edge designs and flattering styles. Wonderwink also offers plenty of options in plus sizes along with incredibly comfortable t-shirts and tank tops to wear under your scrubs.

Today’s scrubs are generally more affordable, stylish and user-friendly than they were years ago. With these top six brands, you can stay comfortable even if you are working long hours.