CPR training is necessary for all types of health care workers, from doctors and nurses to EMTs and many ancillary workers. However, there are a myriad of individuals who may not work close to the health care sector but who should still be prepared with proper knowledge of how to perform life-saving care of the individual who is coding. When many people throughout a community are well-trained in CPR, that community is a safe one where residents can feel safe.

CPR Has Been Proven to Save Lives

When CPR is provided within the first few minutes of a person coding, that person’s chance of survival increases by two to three times. Because so many cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital, it is vital that community leaders and everyday Americans know how to perform chest compressions.

CPR Is Easy to Learn

Many people believe that CPR relies on very deep medical knowledge that the average individual does not have. However, CPR is actually quite simple to learn. By memorizing a few facts, almost anyone can provide CPR. In fact, some studies have determined that even children as young as nine could successfully perform CPR. You do not have to understand exactly how the heart works in order to save a life with a few simple maneuvers.

CPR Prevents Disabilities

Because CPR focuses on restoring proper blood flow throughout the body, it helps to decrease the risk of disability, such as might happen if the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Not only can community leaders help to save lives in their neighborhood with this knowledge, but also they can help these individuals enjoy a better quality of life after a cardiac arrest.

CPR Training Increases Confidence in Dealing with Emergencies

Although many people believe that they know the basics of CPR just from watching television shows, only approved training will teach the specifics of what should be done for patients suffering from cardiac arrest. After receiving this training, you will feel more confident that you could easily respond to any health emergency in your community.

CPR Is Beneficial for a Wide Variety of People

People who are leaders in their communities or industries can certainly benefit from CPR training and recertification at regular intervals. Some of those who can most benefit include the following:

  • Parents
  • Daycare workers
  • Teachers
  • Gym owners
  • Personal trainers
  • Flight attendants
  • Corrections officers
  • Construction workers

CPR training has many proven benefits. It is well-known that patients who receive CPR have far higher rates of survival than do those who do not. In addition, over 85 percent of cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital. Many of these patients have no prior history that would point to a heart problem. Sadly, very few of these individuals make it out alive. Thankfully, a widespread knowledge of CPR among community leaders and business owners can increase safety in the community.

At Project Heartbeat in Sacramento and California’s Bay Area, we offer many CPR courses every year. Our courses are designed for the benefit of people in all sorts of professions. Not only can health care workers benefit from knowing how to respond to a cardiac emergency, but also many community leaders will find that this training can help them feel calmer and better equipped to handle different types of emergencies.